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 I miss you



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: 13/07/2008

: I miss you    14, 2008 2:18 pm

Imiss you
Each morning I wake up,

You're the first thought on my mind.
L***ing to put my arms around you,
But there's nothing to find.
I realize you're not there
And again sadness sets in.
It's a bad situation,
Neither of us can win.

I miss you so badly,

The smile on your face.

The warmth of your ****
And how you radiate OUR place.
I miss the l*** in your eyes
In the bright morning sun.
Thinking of how to make you happy,
A smile on your face tells me I've won.

As you can probably tell,
I'm not having a great day.
I keep thinking how much I miss you
In each and every way.

Words aren't enough
To say how I feel.
There's never a doubt
My feelings are real

I know that I love you
I miss you so much.
The feelings of you
The feelings of your touch.

I promise not to take for granted
The love that we share
I promise not to forget
To show how much I care

I want and need you
As part of my life
It's the reason I asked you
And want you to be my future.

I miss you today
As much as the day before.
You're the only one
I want to adore.

Have I made my point,
Can you understand?
I need your love,
I want your hand.

Thinking of you

Is all that I do.

I've told you many times,
This is nothing new.

So I'll finish this up
Just hoping that you knew
I love you so much
I miss you
nice lass


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: 02/07/2008

: : I miss you    24, 2008 12:05 am



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: 13/07/2008

: : I miss you    05, 2008 12:54 pm

I miss you
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